Dark And Handsome In Bread & Boxers Black

Bread & Boxers Black

There isn’t a man alive who knows you can’t go wrong in something black. The most elegant of non-colors, its timelessness comes from being dark and simple – not to mention, slimming. Similar to how women have their little black dresses, men have (or should have) their little black briefs and trunks. It’s the epitome of a fashion staple. And when placed in the hands of a brand all about creating staple designs, Bread & Boxers Black is black underwear magic.

The Bread & Boxers Black Boxer Brief packs a double dose of simplicity. As a brand, Bread & Boxers makes a point to be your style’s bread and butter with polished and clean designs. Color their boxer brief in black and you’re left with underwear gold. Tyler Bartel models the black boxer brief in this exclusive photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew, dressing the Bread & Boxers Black underwear in a way that screams guy gone wrong in the most right of ways. It’s the ideal black pair for him to pull off. A simple-meets-classy underwear choice only works if the fit is perfect, and Bread & Boxers’ fit brings truth to their slogan “your everyday favorites.”

Tyler makes the most of the Bread & Boxers Black Boxer Brief by pairing it with a cool leather jacket. Another fashion staple designed to be dark and sophisticated, it reinforces everything that makes the boxer brief handsome. And did we mention Tyler wears the jacket without a shirt? It brings out Bread & Boxers Black Boxer Brief’s unintentionally sexy side. But with a body like Tyler’s, it’s all intentional.

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For more information on this brand: Bread & Boxers

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Tyler Bartel


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