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Blackspade Tender Cotton

Nothing says cotton like incorporating 92% of the stuff into your collection, which is exactly what happens with the Blackspade Tender Cotton collection. The remaining 8%: elastane. The result: a collection built with comfort in mind.

Not only does the Blackspade Tender Cotton series touch base with your body, ensuring you the softest natural fit out there, but cotton’s familiarity and ubiquity mean you already know going into this next purchase that you’ll be satisfied. Black spade Tender Cotton brings a wide range of products, too, in order to offer something for every type of customer.

Tender Cotton comes with classic brief, boxer and thong options, as well as a pocket brief, pocket boxer, retro boxer and cycle boxer. Then somewhere in-between the boxer and the brief is Blackspade’s shorty style, a tight boxer-like design just a bit longer than trunks. To be honest, the unique design is like a breath of fresh air. It’s new, it’s attractive, it’s different. And to match the simplicity of cotton, the shorty and other styles come in black, white, light and dark gray, and then a few selection of blues. Several designs in the Blackspade Tender Cotton series are also available as multi-packs for the smart shopper in you.

Pair any of these with one of the Blackspade Tender Cotton shirts. Styles vary from muscle shirt to crew neck, tank top to long-sleeved thermal. Again, these all come in a range of neutral colors to match the casual but comfy feel of the underwear.

What do you think of Blackspade’s Tender Cotton series? Do the neutrals cut it for you? Which style looks the most comfortable? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Blackspade.

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