Cocksox Behind the Scenes: Beachside Swim Shoot

Cocksox Behind the Scenes

People look at models all day long in advertisements and magazines, on billboards and buses. At least all of us at The Underwear Expert have an excuse: we write about underwear. And as an added perk that comes with the job, all this underwear we write about usually comes on the body of some nicely chiseled man-god with lines here, curves there, and little bit of bulge in between. That’s why the Cocksox Behind the Scenes video shoot was nothing new to us – but it was definitely welcome.

So how do all these models — and all this underwear — make it into editorials and features and spreads? Photoshoots. And fortunately for all of us, the brand has gifted over a few Cocksox Behind the Scenes videos to show us how all this goes down.

Filmed on-location at the latest Cocksox shoot, the Cocksox Behind the Scenes videos show just about every step that goes into this delicate process: oiling the model up, fixing his hair, posing him, shooting him…staring, gawking, etc. The first two beachside videos include waves, sand, and swimsuits. You can see every pose — lounging in the shallows, standing up against the sun — and watch how each model delivers on a grade-A shot.

The third video in the Cocksox Behind the Scenes video shoot is filmed on a deck up near the rocks. Glimpses of the water can be seen in the background, but ultimately it’s the Cocksox trunks we’re most interested in. Every twist of the waist or legs highlights their stretch, curve and color. The video is so much fun – and completely enticing – to watch.

What do the Cocksox Behind the Scenes videos make you want more: a trip to the beach, or a swimsuit shopping spree? Watch all three videos and let us know what you think in the comments or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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