Check Out This Tumblr and Mack Weldon Meetup With Janie Bryant From Mad Men

Meetup With Janie Bryant 2

Emmy Award Winning Costume Designer from Mad Men, Janie Bryant sits down with Tumblr and Mack Weldon to answer some questions about her highly influential designs on the hit show and the influence of the 60/70s style on contemporary style. Though she didn’t win her Emmy for Mad Men, her designs are still discussed and interpreted by many. When asked about Joan’s hot pink blazer that spawned a series of mean boob jokes, Bryant replied,

“It’s really interesting how women were treated,” she explained. “As women, we really don’t experience that today, but I love that Matthew Weiner wants to tell that story of the battle for women. The neckline is flashy. The color of the costume is very flirtatious. It’s a very provocative silhouette, but it doesn’t mean Joan should be disrespected because of what she wears.”

How does Mack Weldon fit into the mix? Since Bryant has to stay true to the era, she unfortunately can’t incorporate Mack Weldon directly into her designs. However, she and the cast are big fans of the brand.  This fall Bryant will even be collaborating with Mack Weldon to create a Holiday Sock Collection for 2015.  Why socks?  Bryant’s family actually owned a factory that produced–you guessed it–socks! We can’t wait to see the spectacular results of this natural partnership.

What is your favorite pair of Mack Weldon Socks? What questions would you ask if you were at the Meetup With Janie Bryant? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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