Best Of Both Worlds: BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts

BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts fuse “the look of surfing culture with the functionality of modern clothing” to create a swimwear look that’s near-impossible to find. Normal boardshorts often have legs that cover your knees, and because of that, a loose, unflattering fit. The BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts stop above the knee – a small difference that makes a world of difference.

The shorter leg length makes the BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts more stylish and more generous in terms of mobility. That stylish finish is also helped by the functional material (80% polyester, and 20% spandex). It drapes smooth and sculpts to your form, unlike typical boardshorts commonly made with a lower grade of spandex (90% polyester, 10% spandex). This blend with less spandex is more suitable for wear against surfboards, but also stiff, and likely to provide a boxy appearance. By adding more spandex into their fabric, BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts fit with a 4-way stretch that lets them drape more smoothly from your waist, and provide a sharper, cleaner cut.

Rather than simply wearing them to the beach or pool, BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts are also great to wear as something comfortable at the gym. They’re even better for guys unopposed to wearing swimwear like it’s a normal pair of shorts. Pair the BaNG! Hybrid Boardshorts with your favorite tank and embrace the warmer weather.

What’s your favorite thing about how BaNG!’s Hybrid Boardshorts fit? Is there a design you’re ready to wear like normal apparel? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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