Backstage With Blackspade Ambassador Vincent De Paul

Vincent De Paul
Vincent De Paul

Emmy-nominee Vincent De Paul was in the underwear game long before being appointed Blackspade’s brand ambassador. He modeled for several years, in cities from Paris and Milan to Miami and New York. He even landed on the cover of Men’s Health in 9 different countries. Having seen the evolution of men’s underwear makes De Paul something of an authority. So when he describes Blackspade underwear as “a real touch of paradise,” you know there is something to it.

“Blackspade has an aura that you do not find often in this industry,” De Paul said. “Being their brand ambassador comes naturally for me because the products are that good. The feel of the them is a promise of great quality.”

As the Blackspade brand ambassador, De Paul’s main objective is to promote strong relationships and awareness for the brand. And since the business world is all about who you know, his celebrity comes into play.

Blackspade is currently the official sponsor of Emmy-nominated TV series “The Bay” and will be featured in the upcoming holiday film “Beverly Hills Christmas” (in which De Paul costars with Dean Cain, John Savage, Donna Spangler, and Kirsten Lea).

“[Blackspade] was also sent to set in New Orleans in August for the film ‘Wild Oats’ directed by Andy Tennant and starring Demi Moore, Jessica Lange and  Oscar winner Shirley Maclaine,” said De Paul. “The wardrobe departments love it and it’s great to have breathable materials on talent when you are shooting long hours on set.”

Vincent De Paul
Vincent De Paul

In addition to scoring celebrity endorsements, Vincent De Paul also attends several underwear trade shows Blackspade participates in. This year, the brand already walked down runways at Art Hearts Fashion Week and Curve Expos in New York, L.A., and Las Vegas. Most recently was the Go Red Fashion Show for Style Fashion Week. De Paul himself walked the runway for The American Heart Association, designed by Sonia Ete. And if De Paul’s underwear didn’t have to be red, The Underwear Expert is willing to bet it would’ve been silver.

“I have to say I love all the addition of color but my favorite is the Silver Collection of Blackspade,” De Paul said. “What I like most about the collection is the thick silver colored waistband that gives them a contemporary look.”

Favoring the Blackspade Silver Collection is something De Paul and The Underwear Expert have in common. The Egyptian cotton is knitted with spandex for a pair that feels perfectly like nothing. But then De Paul goes on to add, “I am excited to see the Micro Touch Collection give Silver a run for its money.”

The updated Blackspade Micro Touch Collection is made from fine micro fiber, and scheduled to launch this May.

Does the Blackspade Silver Collection also happen to be your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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