What Will You Play In Timoteo Sport 2.0?

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The Timoteo Sport 2.0 Collection is ideal for guys whose sex appeal prowls on the darker side, but not without some masculine sporty touches. The collection includes a Super Low Brief ($22) and a Scout Square Cut Brief ($28). Both provide the wearer with full coverage in addition to their sporty cuts. But the other two styles in the Sport 2.0 Collection are sportier still, albeit in a sexy way.

Each underwear style from the Timoteo Sport 2.0 Collection is made from a stretch cotton blend (94% cotton, 6% spandex) that rests somewhat snug for a flattering and supportive fit. It allows the collection’s low-rise brief and square cut trunk to be super flattering around the rear. The brief’s athletic butt also leaves the hips largely exposed for more of that locker room style and steam.

The Sport 2.0 Athlete Jock ($20) and Soccer Jock ($30) have similar designs, with one key exception: both are hybrid looks with jockstrap style rears, but offer support for your behind while showing it off. It makes the Athlete Jock the Sport 2.0 Collection’s most daring player, and the trunk-style Soccer Jock its best surprise play.

The Timoteo Sport 2.0 Collection is available in sizes XS – XL.

Which underwear style from Timoteo’s Sport 2.0 Collection would leave you feeling you best? Do you prefer the full coverage styles, or those that leave your rear exposed? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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