Warm Up: Layers Of A Street Style


Casual layers, when done the right way, are stylish and take a little work. The trick, though, is making them look effortless. The third and final part of Jerrad Matthew’s “Warm Up” photo series takes layered – and not-so-layered – outfits to the streets. It’s a nice day in the city, and an easy breezy one that calls for adjustable layers of warmth.

Everyone has suffered through a day where they dressed for the wrong weather. Even in early Spring there is still a chill in the air, and being over-eager for warmth can leave you catching a chill. These layered looks modeled by Callum Aylott and Josh Stevenson keep the men warm, but not too warm. Josh wears the brighter looks: light washes of denim and light shades of grey. A denim jacket and white undershirt is about as Americana as it gets. Josh also has the body to get away with wearing a zip-up hoodie, and nothing but. At least on his top half.

Callum’s Bread & Boxers Hoodie has a pullover design and a trendy cut at the neck. Worn with black denim, he lifts up his hoodie to reveal the white waistband of some Perry Ellis underwear. He’s also shot wearing red looks from Levi’s that bring out the red in his hair.

Are you a fan of going shirtless under your favorite hoodie? What colors do you often layer together? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bread & Boxers, N2N, Perry Ellis, Collected Threads & Levi’s

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Models: Callum Aylott, Josh Stevenson


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