Slurpees, Sweat & Garcon Model Briefs

2016 Pride Season

We always love a good piece of Marco Ovando eye candy, any day. And whether he’s bubbly with a slurpee or sexily brooding, model Walter Savage is the favorite flavor of the week. Not to suggest we wouldn’t come back for seconds. We definitely would. The Garçon Model briefs worn in the shoot show off his insanely sculpted chest – not just with their low cut, but with a metallic flash.

Walter Savage wears the Garçon Model RALEIGH Brief while eating a slurpee with a straw; not through a straw, with a straw. Flirtatiously grabbing the straw and pressing it between his lips, he looks as sugary sweet as the brief’s cotton candy-colored waistband. Combine with his playful attitude, and he’s the man you hope to meet on the boardwalk this summer.

The darker half of the shoot puts Walter in the BRICKELL Brief. Leaving the bright and cheery RALEIGH Brief behind, we now get a dark backdrop, black underwear, and a smoldering glance. Marco Ovando again uses Walter to play up the brief’s attitude. And with pops of silver against an entirely black body, the BRICKELL Brief is definitely the subtle sizzler of the brand’s line of briefs.

Which of the Garçon Model briefs do you think flashes brighter on Walter? What do you eat in your underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando

Model: Walter Savage


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