The Naked Man’s Top 10 Naked Truths

Every time you buy a pair of Naked underwear, you’re dropped a line of man-centered wisdom. The tongue-in-cheek “Naked Truths” are placed on all of the brand’s underwear packaging and part of their recently updated marketing. Reading like a whiskey-sipping friend’s words of wisdom, #NakedTruths resonate with the Naked man and the increasingly popular brand. What does it take to be a Naked man? More than an admiration of sports cars, whiskey, and discretion in front of your mother-in-law, we’ll tell you that.

Check out The Underwear Expert’s “Top 10 Naked Truths” below. The Most Interesting Man In The World couldn’t have said it better himself.

THE NAKED TRUTH #78: Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. Like bagels with plain cream cheese, scotch neat and cotton underwear with the perfect amount of stretch. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #33: A good t-shirt is like a good wing man. It’s gotta have your back in any situation. Well, maybe your front too, but definitely your back. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #82: Sometimes it’s not about what you are, but what you’re not. It’s about the “un.” Unencumbered. Unrestricted. Unabashed. Unrumpled. Unhindered. Undressed. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #2: What good is a well-tailored designer suit if what’s underneath is less than well-tailored? It’s like building a house on a poor foundation. The best-dressed men are put together, through and through. GET naked.

Where does moisture-wicking fabric wick the moisture away to? Wherever that is, don’t you wish you could go there when your Mother-In-Law is in town. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #109: If you run a race, will your underwear be able to keep up? You’d hate to leave them at the starting line. That might be a bit embarrassing. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #45: Men push themselves all day long. We expect more from ourselves. We should expect more from our clothes. They should feel amazing. So good that you almost feel you are wearing nothing at all. GET naked.

THE NAKED TRUTH #208: While we’d all like to be naked all the time, sometimes it’s just not appropriate. Like at your mother-in-law’s house for Christmas. For those occasions, be appropriately naked. Get naked.

What Naked Truth was on the last pair of Naked underwear you purchased? When do you like to get Naked? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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