Where Could You Use Tani’s Luxury Fabrics?

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Every man should treat himself to high-end fashions from time to time – including luxury fabrics. A little bit of luxury can go a long way. Besides, feeling your best and looking your best can only ever go hand-in-hand. Part of the reason Tani is a great luxury brand is that their luxury fabrics serve multiple purposes.

Whether you are the type of business man who hits the gym after work, or an undergrad looking for something more adult, Tani has a collection to meet your needs – or rather, exceed them. These are luxury fabrics after all. But do you know which fabric in the Tani collection is the luxury fabrics you want?

Everyday And Night — Casual Comfort Tani’s everyday and night looks come from their Everyday SilkTouch, Free Cut, and Swiss Cotton collections. The Everyday SilkTouch Collection is the most expansive with 9 different designs in their luxury fabrics collection. Each of them is made from Micro Modal Air, derived from Austrian beechwood and finer than silk. Only 3% of the world’s cotton crop meets the standards of Tani’s Swiss Cotton Collection. The Free Cut looks, a trunk and v-neck, are also made from Micro Modal Air.



Fitness And Performance —Athletic Fashion Tani’s Air Fitness and Fresh Cooling Performance Collections keep Tani’s promise of top-of-the-line fabrics, and add moisture wicking capabilities to the list. The Air Fitness Collection is made from SUPERFINE Tencel. This fabric is naturally cooling, thanks to air pockets created by the pique knit. The Fresh Colling Performance Collection is mostly made from Japanese polyester, the finest form of a popular fitness fabric.



Loungewear And Thermals —Off-Duty Class There is a thermal set and lounge pant, both from Tani’s Everyday SilkTouch Collection, that fall under this category. They are made with the same Micro Modal Air, but so much more of it. This category also includes the Loft Thermal Set, made from 66% micro acrylic, 28% Bulkiena 0.4-dtex microfiber, 5% polyamide, and 1% elastaneThe blend is not only soft and warm, but also moisture wicking. There is also the Hamptons Lounge Pant, a favorite made from 56% Lenzing Micro Modal Edelweiss, and 44% premium pima cotton. The fabric and the loose fit combined are the luxury you want to live in.


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