Shape Up With Croota Season 4 Ranges

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Croota’s Season 4 Range of underwear is designed with unique geometric prints and an old-school aesthetic. The brand essentially took 2014’s love of colorblocking and updated it with a sense of nostalgia. Still, the slightly 90s vibe the pairs give off is entirely modern. In case you hadn’t noticed, the 90s are indeed back.

The Coota Angular Pattern Brief and Hipster blend a Houndstooth print with old school computer graphics in the Croota Season 4 collection – think “Asteroids” or “Pacman.” The Angular Pattern looks even have a retro waistband. The brand name is front and center on the elastic, but written in block-style letters made to look like an old computer font. The Nigh Angles Hipster in the Croota Season 4 collection has a similar design approach. Inspired by 8 bit graphics, the pattern resembles a grid, and reads as a refreshing alternative to plaid.

The 90s Neon Brief and Hipster are Croota Season 4’s most solid designs. Their nostalgia comes from the bright colors on their waistbands. And then for a geometric accent, a star-shaped design made of circles is placed on the left side of the rear. What’s really cute, though, is the right side of the 90s Neon’s rear. In small letters, and in a contrasting color, the underwear reads: “90s’ neon bright, memories of a simpler time.”

Are geometric prints already present in your underwear collection? Which pair from the Croota Season 4 Range do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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