Sexual Swim, The Diëtz Bare Brief

The Diëtz Bare Brief ($18.60) has a sporty color design that’s improved with a contemporary look. Around the back, the brief’s mesh fabric fits flush against your skin. But as flattering as that leaves the rear, the pouch is even more stunning. The fabric pulls for a pleated look that emphasizes the pouch (which already fits as snug as the back).

The cut of the Diëtz Bare Brief is on the sportier side. The legs leave the much of the hips exposed for a better sense of freedom and movement. From the pouch, the Bare Brief almost dares to become a bikini-style brief. The fabric around the hips is that narrow –  with the design’s only elastic around the legs. The pouch itself is all about showing off.

The sporty cut is echoed in the color blocked design. The brief’s body is orange, contrasted by a blue waistband. It has an average width and sports no text for a more polished appearance. The Diëtz logo is only present on the right tight, printed in the same rich blue. The Diëtz Bare Brief could even be mistaken as swimwear. It looks that athletic, and ready to move. But with that pouch, it’s that “move” is more of a pounce. And what’s a sporty-meets-sexy pair of underwear without mesh? The Diëtz Bare Brief is also semitransparent.

The Diëtz Bare Brief is available in sizes S-XL.

Do you own any pairs of underwear designed with a blue/orange contrast? Do you like the modern fit on the front of the Diëtz Bare Brief? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Diëtz

Photo Credit: Diëtz?

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