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The 2(X)IST 2015 Swimwear Collection has a style for every man, so long as that man’s style is on-point, and he’s unafraid of a little spotlight in the sunshine. The new swim collection includes the brand’s Rio Swim Brief, Cabo Square-Cut Trunk, Ibiza Swim Short, and the Camper Cargo Swim Short. Each is updated with bold, modern prints that are slightly exotic. Pack them in a suitcase, or even an overnight bag, and seek warmer weather.

The most unique print is the Sunglasses Print, applied exclusively to the slim-fitting Ibiza Swim Short. From a distance, the pattern of sunglasses could pass as fish scales. Closer up, the pattern is ever-so-slightly geometric. But the best, most stylish part is the two-tone stripe on the Peacock Blue and Cranberry polyester body. It’s subtle, but once you notice it, it can’t be unseen.

The Tropical Floral and Palm prints are also applied to the Ibiza Swim Short, as well as the Cabo Square-Cut Trunk. The Palm Print also earns props for some understated accent colors that make the swimwear vibrant, yet never loud. On the Poppy Red Palm Print, the palm trees are soft purple. And then on the Capri Palm print, the trees are black and lined in gray.

But if one design from the 2(X)IST 2015 Swimwear Collection makes The Underwear Expert want to swim away and never return, it is the Tropical Floral Print. In Tangerine Tango and Peacock Blue, both styles bring an exotic orange/blue contrast that modernizes the floral design.

The most masculine print is the Camo Print in Blueberry. It’s the only design applied to the Cargo Swim Shorts and Rio Swim Brief, and is also used for the Cabo Square-Cut Trunk. Three shades of blue are used to turn camo into casual fashion. Pack your sunscreen and your 2(X)IST. You need nothing else.

Which 2(X)IST swimwear style design has a print you’d wear all summer long? Are swim briefs or boardshorts more your style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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