Review: Unsnap The Good Devil Easy Off Clip Bikini

Item reviewed: Good Devil Easy Off Clip Bikini

About the product: The Good Devil Easy Off Clip Bikini is a low rise bikini brief with a full seat but only half of a front. The front side that contains a super generous pouch is complemented by the other side of the bikini consisting of a strap with snaps. The strap provides a cut out look for half of the bikini. The black material of the bikini is contrasted with red trim for the legs, waistband and strap. The white look has the accents in blue.

What we like:  The bikini is fun and seductive. And it also has a unique approach to “easy off,” which happens by unsnapping the strap in the front or the back of the bikini. The pouch is contoured to accent a package in a very flattering way. Having the adjustable snap in the front took away from the styling a bit.   When the smaller snap was selected the extra strap material looked out of place.

When we’d wear them: This bikini is meant to focus attention and is definitely meant for the bedroom. With minimal coverage and a very suggestive snap in the front, there is little question that something special is on tap for the evening. 

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone who wants to spice up their look in the bedroom should seriously consider these bikinis. The style works well for minimal coverage and easy access.

In three words: Innovative. Provocative. Suggestive.


For more information on this brand: Good Devil

Photo Credit: Good Devil

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