Review: Tani Loft Thermal Set, Top

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Item reviewed: Tani Loft Thermal Set – Top

About the product: Simple and smooth, the Tani Seamless Top is the companion piece to Tani’s Seamless long johns. As its name implies, the crewneck top has a seamless top made from a 50% acrylic, 36% rayon, 13% polyamide, and 1% elastane blend. This is the same blend that is used for the bottom half of the Tani Loft Thermal Set. Gray throughout, the top is cut slim to fit tight to the skin.

What we like: We were a bit skeptical about the tight fit of this top at first, but after a couple of wears, we really came to like it. It is definitely a bodycon piece and perfect for those guys who have been putting in extra hours at the gym. But this look is also perfect for lounging around the house in – or, you can layer it under another shirt to keep warm during the cold months. It is a versatile piece that can go anywhere. To guys who aren’t used to it, it may feel strange at first, but it helps make the top more versatile. You could easily wear this top underneath work clothes, to the gym, with a simple pair of jeans for every day wear or, with the right combination of other elements, out at night.

Like that of all other Tani products, the feel of fabric is super smooth and truly hard to beat, and like the companion long johns, the combination of the slim-fitting cut and the comfy fabric make this top nice and warm.

When we’d wear them: Under work clothes, while working out or just for daily wear.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who like to be comfortable but still look stylish.

In three words: Simple. Versatile. Smooth.

Tani Loft Thermal Set
Tani Loft Thermal Set


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