Review: Petit Q Pise Thong

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Item reviewed: Petit Q Pise Thong

About the product: The Petit Q Pise Thong comes in black and white and has an asymmetrical design. Both color options have a contrasting waistband with a slight metallic finish. The Petit Q Pise Thong offers minimal exposure, and is made from 93% nylon and 7% spandex.

What we like: With the lines and contours of the PQ20 thong, we must assume that the designers at Petit Q have a past in architecture. The Petit Q Pise Thong is a uniquely fitting and exposing thong.  A single path of cloth runs from front to back following around the right leg. A wide branded waistband keeps this thong in place (surprisingly). We also enjoy, per usual, the devilish branding of the PQ20 Thong. It brings to mind naughty nights and scantily-clad morning afters.

The Nylon / Spandex fabric blend has a soft and slightly stretchable feeling which adds to an overall surpassing level of comfort in this very sexy thong. Even those less-versed in physics can enjoy the V muscles and rear curves boldly on display with this thong.

We’d love to see a version of the Petit Q Pise Thong with a more minimal waistband. The PQ8 lacks a waistband completely, and its comfort level is also inadequate when compared to the comfort that the PQ20 provides. Perhaps, at times, we have to sacrifice comfort for style, but it would be the best of both worlds if we could have a smaller waistband that was still easy to slip into.

When we’d wear them: On casual dates. When posting to #thongthursday.

Who we’d recommend them to: This is a great thong for creative guys looking for some extra attention and exploration. The thicker waistband helps in hiding the Petit Q Pise Thong back for any fellas afraid of accidental thong slips.

In three words: Creative. Asymmetrical. Surprising.


For more information on this brand: Petit Q

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