Review: Papi Cross-Roads Performance Brazilian Trunk

Papi Cross-Roads

Item reviewed: Papi Cross-Roads Performance Brazilian Trunk Solid Intensity

About the product: The Papi Cross-Roads Performance Brazilian Trunk is a pair of trunks composed of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The contoured pouch accommodates an easy access pouch opening from the right, perfect for convenience or fun. There are contrasting colors of red grey and black throughout as well as mesh along the sides. Black comfort waistband bolsters the Papi logo in the front. Trunks are a mid-rise style that provide coverage to the upper legs and rear.

What we like: Using contrasting colors that aren’t too loud make these a fashionable trunk that doesn’t clash with business attire or sporty apparel. The colors, while a somewhat common fashionable phenomenon, for some reason are a bit unexpected in these trunks – in a good way. Mesh on the sides lets you breath through a resilient synthetic fabric. The Papi logo is bold and bright on the trunks’ waistband, drawing the eye down to just the right spot.

When we’d wear them: While executing a perfect layup during your weekly game of ball. During your weekend game of soccer.

Who we recommend them to: A man with involved with a lot vigorous recreational activities. An excellent choice for someone searching for a showy athletic pair of trunks.

In three words: Swagger. Energetic. Dexterous.


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Product Supplied by Papi Solid Intensity


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