Review: Junk Underjeans Aura Hot Red Jock

Junk Underjeans Aura Jock

Item reviewed: Junk Underjeans Aura Hot Red Jock

About the product: The Junk Underjeans Aura Hot Red Jock features the brand’s traditional 1 ½ inch band with the Junk Underjeans Aura Jock’s trademark in the front-center, “Junk Underjeans” written on the sides and a tag in the back-center with “Junk Underjeans” inscribed over the trademark. On the Junk Underjeans Aura Jock, the band is black with contrasting red detailing, which matches the rest of the underwear. The closed-contoured pouch is double-lined, red with a black trim, which enhances support and comfort, and made of Polyester (92%) and Spandex (8%). The back straps are elastic and solid black. The Junk Underjeans Aura Jock comes up to a low rise, which makes it easy to wear with nearly any pair of pants or shorts. The underwear is durable, sexy, and above all else – fun. 

What we like: The construction and material feels durable, yet with comfort in mind. The pouch’s trim acts as additional support, but also reduces the likelihood of irritation where it contacts the skin. They are tagless, which of course, only adds to the comfort level. The Junk Underjeans Aura Jock’s colorblocking details also make for a great contemporary look. The backless portion gives our buns room to breathe, and highlights one of our better assets. Be brave and wear them at the gym, or showcase them at home.

When we’d wear them: When we need extra support for athletic activities. Under tight pants. When the occasion calls for backless underwear.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who wear jockstraps. Guys who want a starter jockstrap.

In three words: Durable. Comfortable. Standard.

Junk Underjeans Aura Jock
Junk Underjeans Aura Jock


For more information on this brand: Junk Underjeans

Photo Credit: Junk Underjeans

Product Supplied by Junk Underjeans



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