Review: Good Devil Mesh Bikini

Good Devil Mesh Bikini

Item reviewed: Good Devil Mesh Bikini

About the product: The Good Devil Mesh Bikini is made of a mesh blend material (95% nylon with 5% spandex). The cut features a full coverage rear and a blue athletic mesh pouch. The front pouch has an elastic opening between the waistband and pouch.  The one inch elastic black waistband features the text Good Devil repeating in white.

What we like:  ‘Full coverage’ on the rear is a misnomer as the small holed black mesh shows everything – no secrets here. It is, without a doubt, incredibly sexy. The contrasting blue mesh pouch is made of athletic mesh, which is more opaque and is silky and supportive, providing you with plenty of movement and agility, despite the fact that this is “sexy” underwear. The opening to the pouch allows easy access, or easy escape. It is best to keep in mind, however, that these are not suited for long term wear or repeated washing. Knowing that, try them on, feel sexy, and have fun – that is, after all, what the Good Devil Mesh Bikini (and the brand itself) is for. You want to look and feel your best, no matter what, and Good Devil helps you do just that.

When we’d wear them: Out to the club on Technopop night with live dancers.

Who we’d recommend them to: Professional Go Go Dancers (or those that secretly want to be).

In three words: Mesh. Mesh. Mesh.

Good Devil Mesh Bikini
Good Devil Mesh Bikini


For more information on this brand: Good Devil

Photo Credit: Good Devil

Product Supplied by Good Devil


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