Review: Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini, Originally Sinful

Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini

Item reviewed: Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini

About the product: This devilish sexy and complex bikini looks more like a brief, yet feels like both a jockstrap and a bikini. While the Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini describes itself as 95% spandex and 5% nylon, it means that it plays with both a mesh material and a spandex material. Held together by a sturdy black 1.5” band imprinted with “Good Devil”, it is white mesh all around, including a built-in mesh pocket pouch, letting your boys breathe easy. While the mesh in the Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini shows and holds the family jewels, the rest of the piece transitions into an orange spandex material that cleverly holds everything in place, even leaving a “cut out” for your behind – and a nice breeze.

What we like: The Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini is super sexy and very intelligently put together. Is it a bikini, a brief or a jockstrap? Its barely there appearance makes it hard to tell. Your goods are prominently showcased in the mesh pouch, yet it doesn’t feel like you are wearing nothing – quite the opposite. The opening in the back makes you feel like you have a jockstrap on, which only makes the bikini feel that much more freeing. It is the perfect look for going out, or staying in – no matter what night or day of the week it is.

When we’d wear them: On that special date where you know your partner will get to see what’s beneath your pants. To show off at the gym.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who aren’t shy and have hefty goods to show off.

In three words: Sexy. Clever. Naughty.

Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini
Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini


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