Review: Geronimo Boxer 1351bv

Geronimo Boxer 1351bv

Item reviewed: Geronimo Boxer 1351bv

About the product: The Geronimo Boxer 1351bv are low-rise trunks with a contrasting zipper running down the middle of the pouch. The nineties have come back and they have stayed, folks – and the evidence is in our underwear. There is a thin waistband with small branded tag on the front left side. Constructed of 80% polyamide and 20% Lycra, these trunks have a soft and silky feeling that you will love to slip into after a long, hard day at the office. A mesh layer is underneath the zipper to protect your package from aggressive zipping – because we have all been there when something has gotten – ahem – caught.

What we like: We love the super smooth material and very sexy look of these trunks – the front zipper is definitely an added bonus and surprise for our significant other or nighttime playmate. We are certain many friends and lovers will be trying to pull down this zipper. Those who achieve their goals will receive a little extra tease with a nice mesh under layer, but that is the whole point, after all.

What we don’t like: The pouch is a bit on the smaller side, so is prepared for a fit that may push on your package, which could be a bit uncomfortable for some guys. There is a cheap tag on the inside of the waistband, which can become quite itchy and definitely needs to be removed.

When we’d wear them: As the final step during a striptease, For showing off your style at the gym.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys looking for some fun zipper play.

In three words: Silky. Dangerous. Fun.

Geronimo Boxer 1351bv
Geronimo Boxer 1351bv


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