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Item reviewed: Br4ss Mayan Gold Boxer

About the product: The Br4ss Mayan Gold Boxer is designed with a graphic print on the front depicting a face in an ancient South American style. Contrasting this, the rear of the boxer is solid black. The waistband uses the same color combination in a geometric zigzag. Br4ss boxers are designed with extra length in the legs and a two-button fly. They are made from a blend of 20% cotton, 75% polyester, and 5% spandex.

What we liked: The material used for the Br4ss Mayan Gold Boxer is wonderfully soft, and combined with the fit of the boxer, makes for a really comfortable pair of underwear. The fit is loose yet supportive, offering the freedom of woven boxers with the support of boxer briefs. The longer length also allows the boxer to provide some extra warmth. The waistband is a nice touch to the design. It has an almost 80s vibe to it, with the muted colors and tribal look. It is definitely a unique pair of boxers that you may not find in most underwear drawers. This is a definite bonus, as we consider ourselves (and our readers) pretty unique, and we know that any fashion-forward dude loves a variety of options in his underwear drawer.

The overall design of the boxer, though, could be more attractive. As masculine and bold as the design is, it could lend itself better to the shape of the underwear. The “gold” of the boxer is also more of a golden brown, making what could’ve been a strong and bright contrast fall somewhat flat.

When we’d wear them: Hanging with the guys, tossing back beers and watching basketball. Running to the store. Eating at a Mexican restaurant.

Who we’d recommend them to: Business men who make the most of their weekends. Jock-type men who frequent the gym.

In three words: Soft. Unique. Masculine.

Br4ss Mayan Gold
Br4ss Mayan Gold


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