Review: Blackspade Sport Boxer 9404

October Monthly Brief Roundup

Item reviewed: Blackspade Sport Boxer 9404 – Aqua

About the product: The Blackspade Sport Boxer 9404 in Aqua features a 1-inch white band with the brand name written on the top left side, each word being in black and green, respectively. The underwear has  boxer brief design and a robin’s egg blue body with four stripes stitched on to the sides, alternating in dark blue and white, to give it a more streamlined look. The stitching around the pouch is done in white and is the center seam. The fabric is a blend of Cotton (92%) and Spandex (8%), which give the boxers elastic properties. They come up to a mid-rise. The double-lined pouch is closed contoured with center stitching.

What we like: The Blackspade Boxer 9404 does a good job of looking sporty with the light blue and stripes on the side, which add an almost 1980s Olympian fashion element to the whole look. They are comfortable, provide good support, and do not bunch. By being mostly cotton, they provide a comfortable breathability that is often absent from sports underwear and allows them to be worn in a wider variety of situations – not just at the gym or on a jog through a neighborhood park.

The design of the Blackspade Boxer 9404 may be sporty, but there is no sexiness to them. The stripes on the side are stitched in, which means more stitching and more unnecessary friction against the body, which is something that no guy wants in his boxer briefs, or in any item of clothing, for that matter.

When we’d wear them: To the office, if we are hitting the gym afterward. During sports activities, especially in the winter.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who like to be active and don’t really care about sex appeal in their boxers.

In three words: Sporty. Quality. Durable.

Blackspade Boxer 9404
Blackspade Boxer 9404


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