Review: 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief

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Item reviewed: 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief – Estate Blue

About the product: The 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief is designed with the brand’s no-show waistband and their Original Contour Pouch. Made from a material blend that is 89% nylon and 11% spandex, the brief is moisture wicking and has a body-defining fit. The brief is also desgined with high-cut legs. The waistband of the 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief is embossed with the brand name in silicone lettering that fades into a nice ombre color.

What we like: This is a pair of underwear that truly fits perfectly. The “stretch-to-fit” fabric is both soft and supportive enough to keep you in a slim pair of underwear that never feels restricting and always showcases your family jewels in the most flattering light. The no-show waistband is also a surprisingly sexy touch, especially on athletic guys who have no problems showing off what God gave them. Still, the best thing about the 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief is the pouch. The enhancing boost it gives your profile is prominent, but never completely out there and overexposed. It has just the right enhancement to make you look and feel your best, without overdoing it.

We could do away with the silicone-embossed label. It does give the underwear a sense of athleticism and utility, but sometimes the contrasting color, silicone texture, or both throw off the rest of the brief.

When we’d wear them: During a weekend gym session, so we look good and feel even better.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who aren’t afraid to flaunt their sense of style or their athleticism.

In three words: Flattering. Soft. Comfortable.

2(X)IST Electric No-Show
2(X)IST Electric No-Show


For more information on this brand: 2(X)IST

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