Reivew: Diëtz Blu Boxer

Diëtz Blu Boxer

Item reviewed: Diëtz Blu Boxer

About the product: The Diëtz Blu Boxer is created with an 82% polyamide, 18% elastane blend mesh memory fabric. Leaving the backside slightly exposed when seated, the coverage is about on par with a smaller pair of boxer briefs. A low-rise waist is surrounded with a multi-colored comfort waistband promoting a white logo center in front. Sporting a flat pouch these are manufactured using only two pieces of mesh. A single seam runs from the front of the waistband to the rear.
What we like: For being a simple design, these boxer briefs sure do have plenty of sex appeal as well as having an enjoyable fit. Memory fabric is an excellent design decision for a boxer brief of this style. It almost seems as if these briefs move in unison with the hips and thighs without bunching anything important.  The dark blue color next to a multi-colored waistband add a lil’ bit of Latin elegance.
When we’d wear them: The memory fabric produces a fit destined to be worn underneath your favorite pair of tight fitting jeans. Got a hot date and hitting the iconic salsa clubs in your town? These briefs are the perfect addition to your saucy night.
Who we’d recommend them to:  Guys looking to welcome a slim fitting pair of briefs to their arsenal of underpants.  Men who know how to move their hips with the beat.
In three words: Synergistic. Latin. Solid.
Diëtz Blu Boxer
Diëtz Blu Boxer


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