PPÜ: Strappy Erotic Underwear

Even the tamest of PPÜ’s designs place you in a pair of strappy erotic underwear. The brand has a knack for playing up their unconventional designs with fetish sex appeal. They welcome sheer, mesh, fishnet, even the absence of a pouch to hide your package. But when it comes to strappy erotic underwear with straps, PPÜ is simply one of the best, and not for the faint of heart.

Even one extra, provocatively-placed strap can seriously turn up the heat on a pair of strappy erotic underwear. The PPÜ Grecian Jockstrap is designed with two extra vertical straps that run down the center of your rear’s cheeks, connecting the waistband to the jock’s standard straps. The result is masculine and kinky. But if you know PPÜ like we do, you know that’s just the tip of the strappy erotic underwear iceberg.

The PPÜ Multistrap Jockstrap has a network of four diagonal straps wrapping over your rear. Then there is the Spaghetti Strap thong – this look lacks a pouch, and is little more than the spaghetti strap – the perfect strappy erotic underwear look. And if your kinky side prefers to go hard or harder, either the PPÜ Jock Harness or the Collar Thong up your alley. Maybe even both would complete your strappy erotic underwear wardrobe.

Ever found a pair of strappy erotic underwear that gets you hot and bothered? How many straps does your strappiest pair have? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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