New Underwear Hybrid: The Mandies Boxer-Thong

Mandies Boxer-Thong

Soft pastel colors and cut outs are a big part of what makes Mandies an innovative player on the men’s underwear market. Their looks throw a fresh and energetic style into your underwear drawer. And where most brands tend to get to be either cute or masculine, Mandies’ boxers land them right smack dab in the middle.

The Target Boxer ($32.48) is Mandies’ most full-coverage design – second being one of their few briefs to not feature cut outs of fabric. But the Target Boxer isn’t without its own touch of sexiness. A U-shaped panel of sheer is used on the rear for a steamy glimpse of skin. Combined with the long legs of the boxer, this is a look even the more masculine of men could feel comfortable and attractive in. The sheer is also used for a pop of color, giving the look a little athleticism.

For something even more provocative, the Mandies Boxer-Thong is available in two designs, and without a doubt, an Underwear Expert favorite from the brand. Imagine a boxer brief, remove pieces of fabric, and attach the pouch to the rear with a strap. The Vertigo Boxer-Thong ($31.48) has cut outs on the front and back, both against the waistband. Available in black and white, this design uses a black/white/pink color scheme perfect for the brand’s flirtatious charm. The Antigravtational Boxer-Thong ($28.48) has more cut outs and lower placed straps around back to give your rear a boost.

The boxer and boxer-thongs from the Mandies 2015 Collection are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the cut outs on the Mandies Boxer-Thong do you think is put in the sexiest place? Think the boxer-thong hybrid trumps the jock brief? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Mark T. says:

    The antigravitational underwear are very hot looking but they just have way too much of the buttocks covered up and I’m one of those that although I do have an underwear fetish I believe with this style that once again the buttocks are a very beautiful thing to see and these just cover up way to much for me! I wouldn’t buy them because I live showing my butt!

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