Mix & Match: Garçon Model

Mix & Match: Garçon Model

Mix & Match: Garçon Model is a whole lot of colorblocking and a whole bunch of fun. We love the Mix & Match: Garçon Model looks right now. And we are wearing more and more Mix & Match: Garçon Model looks now that the brand offers four different underwear styles. No matter what style we’ve got on, we try to let our metallic waistbands shine from under our clothes – after all, who wouldn’t, in our position? The bold colors help with that. More often than not the brightest item we’re wearing, our Garçon Model underwear is always a highlight. But how do you mix and match Garçon Model underwear with the rest of your look? We’re here to help, and we’re pretty confident that you will enjoy slipping on these skivvies. Let The Underwear Expert show you how to wear them.

It’s not hard, especially if you’re unafraid to mix and match with the brand – which most of our readers are not. Little known fact: Garçon Model also makes tops. The Underwear Expert pairs its favorite Garçon Model looks with their perfect apparel compliment. Most of them are, admittedly, tank tops, but we threw in a t-shirt for good measure, in case every day at the gym is still shoulder day for you. Which is totally fine – we get it! Let us play style matchmaker. See what ends up with what below.

What is your favorite Garçon Model underwear style? What are two colors you love to pair in an outfit? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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