Garçon Model’s “Dark Inspiration”

Garçon Model "Dark Inspiration"

Lean and sculpted model Peter Ward simmers in the shadows of the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” promo. Literally casting the Canadian brand’s underwear in a new light, the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video takes a turn to the darker side to showcase that their underwear can be more than trendy or cute – Garçon Model can be sexy, too, especially with their latest line of jockstraps, which are prominent in the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video. In fact, the video almost makes us want to renounce our citizenship and pack up and move to the land of maple syrup tomorrow. Almost.

The perfectly polished BRICKELL Brief pops up again in this Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video. One of the best aspects to the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video is that it showcases the briefs in a whole new light, giving them a more creative look than your basic underwear style – which is why the video’s title is fits in perfectly with the brand’s aesthetic. The dark lighting and tone really let the waistband’s silver shine, and make the dark underwear look even darker, while highlighting the model’s trim waist. A Garçon Model jockstrap also makes it into the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video mix – and you know that we love a good jock. And while Peter’s behind is never fully illuminated, you can still catch glimpses of the jock’s straps and the flattering support they provide.

What the Garçon Model “Dark Inspiration” video the highlight of your day? Which  of Garçon Model’s underwear styles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Video Credit: Garçon Model

Model: Peter Ward

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