Floral Print Underwear In Bloom Spring 2015

Flower Power

Men’s apparel designed with floral prints became a prominent style about a year. Embraced by the younger generation of guys, modern floral prints took on the attitude of modern hipsters. But not entirely, because floral prints also found there way into formalwear, most notably on ties and button-down shirts, some of which used the floral for bold cuff and collar accents. Now in Spring 2015, floral print underwear is blooming across some of The Underwear Expert’s most admired brands.

There are 10 pairs of floral print underwear and one floral swim brief featured in this exclusive photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew. Modeled by Adam Powell, each look waters the prints with masculine touches. In fact, most of the looks use muted tones and dark colors to keep the flowers from looking overgrown.

The Jor Garden Brief and the Croota Garden Grove 02 Boxer are coincidentally the shoot’s darkest pairs. Jor’s design uses a black waistband and seams to contrast a floral print that rocks a deep green/bold pink contrast. The rich colors compliment the black and keep the floral print moderately reserved. Croota earns style points by applying their floral look against a navy underwear body. Navy is the thinking man’s “basic” color. It’s handsome without even trying, and even better with touches of white, red, and light blue flowers.

On the lighter side of the spectrum is the Dirt Squirrel Floral Boxer Brief and Oiler & Boiler’s Nantucket Paradise Boxer. These looks do the opposite of the darkest pairs and trade black and navy for white and light blue. Rather than tone down the flowers, these color bases make them blossom. After all, flowers do need light to grow.

The 2eros Honolulu Swim Brief in Sunset is the featured look most appropriate for sun exposure. Serving as the photo shoot’s single swimwear style, its name echoes the gradient from bright pink to yellow. Then around the back, where you can’t see, is a large pink hibiscus.

What is your favorite pair modeled by Adam Powell? Is floral print underwear growing on you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2eros, 2(X)IST, Croota, Dirt Squirrel, Discover, Funky Trunks, Happy Socks, Jor, Mundo Unico, Oiler & Boiler, Stonemen

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Adam Powell


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  1. Dave says:

    I like the Unico ones the best. They’re not really “floral” so much as tropical and the color scheme is awesome. Those have my vote!!

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