Flex Your Bodyaware Mesh Muscle Bodysuit

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The Bodyaware Mesh Muscle Bodysuit ($32.50) is perfect for the men who camp out in front of the free weight mirrors at the gym. It’s made from a see-though micro mesh material (85% nylon, 15% spandex) that acts like a sensual filter through which to flaunt your muscles. But as a brand, Bodyaware is still accustomed to more sex appeal than that. The bodysuit is also designed with a “mesh sheath” that shows off your remaining bulging part.

The mesh material of the bodysuit is transparent on the Mesh Muscle Bodysuit’s front and rear. The sides instead use tactel shapening panels. The provide some discretion to an otherwise erotic look, and even style with a tiny bit of athleticism. And not to mention, a slimming silhouette. The bodysuit also features a snap opening to between the legs for an easy fit (and access).

The Bodyaware Mesh Muscle Bodysuit is currently available in sizes M-L.

How many bodysuits do you own, if any? Does your taste in sexy underwear add some heat to normally athletic designs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Body  aware

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