Denis Vega Gets Locked In CellBlock 13

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Fetish-friendly brand CellBlock 13 loves to blur the line dividing kinky and athletic underwear. The brand’s aesthetic knows the two go hand-in-hand well, and that model Denis Vega is their kind of man. He stands like a stack of muscles, perfectly buff to fill each CellBlock 13 look he models.

Each look modeled by Denis Vega comes from a collection that would get you action in a locker room. The Asylum Collection has the Lace Up Jock Strap with a sexy and teasing lace tie in the back (placed right above the rear, like a present). The Renegade Defender Jock Pant also has a lace-up design, although placed on the front. Like the Viper Jock Brief, this look is all about your rear.

Denis Vega also models two looks from the CellBlock 13 Stryker Collection: the pants and socks, both in blue. They are arguably the furthest into fetish territory. But there is no arguing that their snapshots are the hottest. In one, the pants are paired with the socks and a harness. In the other, the pants are nowhere to be found.

Did you spot your favorite CellBlock 13 Collection in the photo shoot? Which look do you think looks best on Denis Vega? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: CellBlock 13

Photo Credit: Timoteo

Model: Denis Vega

Sponsored by CellBlock 13


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