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The CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection uses a colorblocked stripe on its underwear’s pouches to achieve the brand’s masculine and provocative attitude. But as athletically-inclined as the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection is, there is still room for the brand’s dirtier, edgier side to show – right through some semi-transparent mesh.

The Enforcer Brief ($24) and Trunk ($30) are the collection’s only “full-coverage” styles. And because they require more fabric, the collection’s semi-transparent mesh (77% cotton, 17% polyester, 6% spandex) is never more effective. The rear and side coverage on both the brief and trunk allows for skin to peek through for a wraparound tear. The pouch on both remains discrete with its sporty racing stripe.

For something more sexy and with less coverage, the Enforcer Jock Brief ($24) and Cruising Jock ($22) leave your rear exposed. The Cruising Jock is a more old-school style of jockstrap, with the front coverage almost resembling a bikini cut. The Jock Brief is, of course, a hybrid style, and provides more coverage on the front. And because the Enforcer jockstraps are made from the same material as the Brief and Trunk, they have portions of that steamy mesh.

The Enforcer Pant ($73) and Jock Pant ($69) are the most fetish-inclined styles from the collection. Both are designed with drawstrings on the front for style and sex appeal. With a somewhat motor-cross appearance, these styles are made from 68% nylon, 19% spandex, and 13% polyester.

The CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection is available in sizes S – XL. Each underwear and pant style in the collection is available in Blue, Green, Red, and Orange.

Which underwear style from the Enforcer Collection do you find the most appealing? Does your favorite design leave your rear exposed? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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