Bite Down On CellBlock 13’s Venom Collection

CellBlock 13 Venom Collection

The CellBlock 13 Venom Collection is made entirely of neoprene rubber and includes a jockstrap ($48) and harness ($54). Both pieces connect together for a complete fetish look. With the exception of the black Neoprene Harness, each look is accented with a colored lining – both in red and blue, and the jockstrap exclusively in green. And to really encourage your wild side, the neoprene rubber is also treated with a Stamped Python texture like snakeskin.

The Venom Jockstrap’s pouch is detailed with piping to give it more shape, and the smallest dose of athleticism. It doesn’t run far, thanks to the fetish material. On the blue and red jockstraps, this piping is done in the body color and matches the waistband. The green jockstrap’s color is limited to the waistband. On this pair, the piping is black to better match the black Neoprene Harness.

The Venom Neoprene Harness is designed with two straps that run down your torso. The fit shows off both your chest and back, and has more than few metal rings holding it all together. At the end of the straps are clips. They can connect to the belt loops on your jeans. They can also connect to the Venom Jockstraps for a complete fetish look.

The CellBlock 13 Venom Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Are you the kind of guy who’d go all out and pair the Venom Jockstrap and Neoprene Harness? Do you like the Python-texture on the neoprene? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: CellBlock 13

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