Backstage With Jor “Before The Photoshoot”

Jor "Before The Photoshoot"

There is a lot of hard work put into an underwear photo shoot. The sexy stills don’t just happen, and it takes more than a model and photographer (or videographer) to make the magic happen. The Jor “Before The Photoshoot” video shows the inner workings of one of their recent shoots. And not to mention, a closer look at model Andrés Zapata, who is definitely worth inspecting.

Some of the pre-shoot rituals revealed in the Jor “Before The Photoshoot” vid include push-ups performed by Andrés – to make his muscles swell. As bulging as his chest gets, it still doesn’t beat what’s happening below those Jor waistbands. The brief’s modeled in the Jor “Before The Photoshoot” video are some of Jor’s sportier designs. Contrasting trims accent the pouch, and everything Andrés brings to the table.

The Jor “Before The Photoshoot” video truly showcases the brand’s penchant for bright, unexpected color combinations and making their male models (and customers) look good. That is probably why Jor’s customers are so loyal, and we are expecting them to flock to their smart phones, laptops, and tablets to watch the Jor “Before The Photoshoot” video. After all, that is what we are doing – who wouldn’t want to see Andrés Zapata strut his stuff in the Jor “Before The Photoshoot”?

What do you think about Jor model Andrés Zapata? Would you like to spend a day behind the scenes of an underwear photo shoot? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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