Andrew Christian “Glitter” Gets Everywhere

The new Andrew Christian “Glitter” video is a no nonsense, seriously sexy promo. Maybe the Andrew Christian guys had too much fun filming the “Twerk 101” and “Ab-Stract” videos. Maybe springtime weather has got them in a mood more lustful than fun-loving. Either way, there are no complaints on The Underwear Expert’s end. When it comes to underwear campaigns, Andrew Christian is one of the few brand’s to have truly made their mark. Thanks to a lineup of gorgeous men – and what must amount to pounds and pounds of glitter – this video in particular is one of their sexiest, brightest shining moments.

The models wear nothing but glitter and new additions to the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Collection – which, in case you forgot, is all about those package enhancing, anatomically correct pouches. Adding to the sparkly spectacle of it all, each model is covered in different colored glitter. Cory Zwierzynski gets to gleam in a dark shade of green that’s perfect for the cute/dark look he brings to the shoot. AC staple Murray Swandy gets coated with a light pink. And who would get the gold glitter but Topher DiMaggio?

This is still Andrew Christian though. Give it a minute, and all that glitter is mixed in a pile of skin and underwear. Roll a glitter joint, or snort a glitter line, and pick up what the Andrew Christian “Glitter” vid is putting down. And try not to think about how they’re gonna clean up all that glitter.

Have you ever seen so much glitter in your life? Does the Glitter video make the cut for your favorite Andrew Christian videos? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video/Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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  1. In the State of Corruption says:

    Whoever choreographed this video deserves recognition as do the beautiful male models that brought this glitter fantasy into the real world.

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