Baskit $12 Tuesday: Baskit Light Yoga V-Neck

Baskit Light Yoga

This week’s $12 Tuesday deal from Baskit is a doozy: the normally $21 Light Yoga V-Neck is being discounted for a limited time. As much as we love Baskit’s underwear, we also appreciate their comfy apparel. Made entirely from a cotton jersey material, the shirt has a collar that’s more shallow than most V-necks. By not overdoing the neck, the Light Yoga V-Neck has a relaxed style that compliments its fit.

The Baskit Light Yoga V-Neck comes in Charcoal Grey, Ivy Green, Midnight Blue, and Red. The shirt is constructed similarly to other performance tops, with seams along the sides for added definition around the chest. It’s the perfect look to wear on easy breezy Spring days where your only destination is your front porch. Or of course, the yoga studio.

The Baskit Light Yoga V-Neck is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Baskit

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