What’s Your Obviously Range?

Do you know what your Obviously range is? The brand has three: the Premium Range, the EveryMan Range, and the Modal Range. Each of Obviously’s collections are categorized into these ranges based on their materials. And as we’ve all come to know, Obviously is all about their materials.

Their fabrics are high-quality and eco-friendly, each offering its own slew of health benefits and design attributes. This means you’re already bound to be an Obviously Man. But what kind of Obviously Man? That’s what we are here to find out.



Premium Range — For The Man Who Knows What He Wants

The Obviously Premium Range includes one line: the Essence Collection. This goes to show that the Premium Range is the Obviously Range for the man who knows what he wants. The collection’s spirit is put right into the name: essence. Looks within this Obviously Range collection are made from Lenzing modal and Lycra blends. Aesthetically, they’re all designed with an eye to refine. A trunk , brief, 3-inch boxer, and 9-inch boxer are all stripped down to their most basic forms. The result is a collection that is entirely sleek and sophisticated. If you’re a man who has been described the same way, the Premium Range is right up your alley.


EveryMan Range — For The Average Joe, AKA, The Every Man

The Obviously EveryMan Range is the Obviously Range which includes the Core Collection and the Urban Collection. Looks in this range are made from bamboo rayon. Fibers thinner than human hair are taken from bamboo plants to create looks in these collections, so we don’t have elaborate on the comfort… When it comes to appearances, the Core Collection’s designs are more classical. The Urban Collection on the other hand is more dynamic, featuring the most recognizable of Obviously’s waistbands. If you’re a typical guy, or someone who went green and stayed there, the EveryMan Range is for you.


Modal Range — For The Guy’s Guy, With An Eye For Style

The Obviously Modal Range includes the Basic, Chromatic, Metallic, Retro, and Geometric collections. These looks are made from the increasingly popular modal material. The soft, silky feel of the material is something every man should experience. And because this range includes 5 collections, the material can be enjoyed in a plethora of trendy designs and styles. If you want underwear with metallic waistbands, contrasting seams, or bold colors, your range is the Obviously Modal Range.

Which Obviously range do you fall into? Do you already happen to own looks from one of that range’s collections? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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