What Kind Of Valentine Are You? Underwear Style for Valentine’s Day 2015

Candy Hearts For Your Sweetie

If you have plans for Valentine’s Day 2015, you probably have been thinking about what underwear you’ll have on. And if you haven’t, you should. Just like any other holiday or occasion, there is a pair of underwear out there perfect for the event — whatever it may be.

To figure out what underwear you should wear, you have to ask yourself: What kind of valentine am I? And it all comes down to how you spend the evening on Valentine’s Day 2015. Straight or gay…top or bottom, we’ve got you covered…mostly.

Spending It Alone

You can still look damn good all for yourself. The confidence boost will lift your spirits if you need it. But these pairs also aren’t overly erotic. If they were, that would be like an unpleasant reminder for just how alone you are. We’re kidding! Post a selfie in these, and you might not fall asleep that way.

From left to right: PUMP! Ninja Jock, Björn Borg Valentine Short Shorts, Marco Marco Scarlet Brief


Dinner, And One Of You Is Cooking

Your plans for the night are romantic. Candles are lit. Something yummy is in the oven, or on the stove. Maybe you and your valentine are cooking together. The heat from the kitchen is bound to transfer into the bedroom. These pairs are ready for the action, but don’t look like it’s all you’ve been waiting for.

From left to right: Garçon Model BRICKELL Brief, PPÜ Net Boxer Brief, Good Devil Zoom Boxer


Dinner, And The Restaurant Has A Drive-Thru

Maybe not literally fast food, but it’s Valentine’s Day 2015 on a budget. You’re in college, or fresh out, and the night doesn’t need to be much. You have each other, a couple bucks, and told the roommates to find somewhere else to stay. These suit a youthful mentality,and are totally sex-worthy.

From left to right: Candyman Heart Costume Boxer Brief, aussieBum Sweethearts Boxer, teamm8 Bolt Jock


Dinner, And You Needed Reservations

The napkins are cloth. The waiter brings you an amuse bouche the chef just “created.” Valentine’s Day 2015 isn’t so much about sex as it is about “date night.” But do you really want to wake up on the 15th thinking, “I didn’t have sex last night”? These pairs are classy and flattering for all-the-way to be encouraged.

From left to right: 2(X)IST The Affair Contour Pouch Brief, N2N Black Sport Brief, Derek Rose Coral Hipster


February 14th = Night Of Just Plain Fun 

You both work on Valentine’s Day 2015, and are more than happy to skip dinner. Basically it’s right down to business the moment you get home. You pounce. These pairs of underwear have the right idea. They think they way you do. Which is exactly what you want in a pairing. Man/partner, or man/underwear.

From left to right: Gregg Homme Encore Boxer Briefs (2E), Andrew Christian Almost Naked Eclipse Brief, Bodyaware Love My Hot Pink Brief


For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBumBjörn Borg, Bodyaware, Candyman, Derek Rose, Good Devil, Garçon Model, Gregg Homme, Marco Marco, N2N, PPÜ, PUMP!, teamm8

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Björn Borg, Bodyaware, Candyman, Derek Rose, Good Devil, Garçon Model, Gregg Homme, Marco Marco, N2N, PPÜ, PUMP!, teamm8 , Wikimedia Commons


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