Balls For Beads: Underwear To Flash Under Your Mardi Gras Outfits

Mardi Gras Outfits To Wear

Mardi Gras outfits are traditionally bright, boisterous, and daring. And everyone knows that you’ve got to earn your beads on Mardi Gras, so think of this roundup as a cheat sheet for debauchery, exhibitionism, and of course, downright sex appeal. These underwear designs are all equipped to flash your family jewels. Take a shot of liquid courage, slip on one of these naughty pairs, and just try to stay out of trouble. Spoiler alert: it won’t work. Partying with these under your Mardi Gras outfits is a surefire way to get into the best kind of trouble.

Several underwear brands and designs make the most of see-through materials to leave your goods visible for all to see. But there’s a difference between flaunting and flashing, and these all-out (pun intended) underwear designs draw the line between the two. Candyman and Male Power draw it with tempting zippers on their pouches. Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme draw it with pouches that flip open and even detach, giving you the perfect amount of air under your Mardi Gras outfits.

As for the rest of the list, there are no more pouches. There is just you and your Baton Rouge.

Are balls for beads a fair trade? How many strings of beads do you aim to get? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Bodyaware, Candyman, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Male Power, Petit QPikantePPÜ

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Bodyaware, Candyman, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Male Power, Petit Q, Pikante, PPÜ


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