Review: Piado Briefs, With The Baffling Comfort Of Bamboo

Piado Briefs

Item reviewed: Piado Briefs

About the product: Piado briefs are made from a soft, stretchable, and lightweight bamboo rayon fabric. They have a medium-width branded waistband, a printed tag, and a lower-than-average opening on the fly. Piado briefs are designed with a low-rise waist in the front and have a full coverage back. They have a piping detail that draws the eye down, and adds a unique design element to these briefs. The brand name is located on the waistband in bright, bold letters, giving the underwear a more high-end type of look.

What we like: This underwear is truly incredible in the comfort department. This is not just one of the softest pairs of underwear we’ve tested – these briefs also are super lightweight, making them a gem for travel, or for those hot summer months. You could literally take Piado briefs anywhere and everywhere, and wear them during any season. And the briefs are so comfortable, we aren’t positive that we are still wearing underwear, which is a new one for us – and perhaps an added bonus for our significant other or crush. Piado briefs are pairs of underwear that bring truth to the statement “feels like there’s nothing there.”

When we’d wear them: Cozy movie night at home or a lazy Saturday watching golf. Reading by the fireplace.

Who we’d recommend them to: Eco-friendly dudes who like to cuddle; globetrotters sick of airplane bunching. Guys in the tropics looking for lightweight comfort.

In three Words: Cozy. Smooth. Sustainable.


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