Review: Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks, Sexy Gym Fashion

Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks

Item reviewed: Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks

About the product: Who doesn’t love a sleek, sexy-looking trunk that completely covers you, provides comfort, and still looks hot? The Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks do just that. The trunks are full-coverage. At roughly three inches below the navel, the comfort stretch waistband comes up to a standard rise level. Features include a moisture wicking, cool comfort mesh strip. The pouch is made from 92% polyester 8% spandex. The underwear body is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks are available in eight different color options.

What we like: The first thing that you notice when trying on the Perry Ellis Mesh Trunks is their luxurious feel and sophisticated looks. They have a slick feel that doesn’t snag on other fabrics or bunch up – which is perfect, if you want to throw them on before the gym. The trunks moisture wicking/cool comfort features work great and keep everything – and every part – dry. Perry Ellis did a truly fantastic job incorporating features normally reserved for sportier styled underwear into a sexy design. It’s a look and design we can’t get enough of.

When we’d wear them: During your post-office gym sessions. A date night.

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone who likes the moisture wicking/cool comfort of sport brands and wants something more stylish would fall in love with these trunks immediately.

In three words: Luxurious. Sexy. Sophisticated.


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