Review: Fresh Waters For The James Tudor Armada Swim Brief

Teamm8 Swim 2016

Item reviewed: James Tudor Armada Swim Briefs

About the product: The James Tudor Armada Swim Briefs are classic high-leg swim briefs. A simple two-color palate is used on these briefs with a slim waistband and white drawstrings. The swim briefs provide a snug fit with a minimal pouch and full coverage back. The nylon fabric is good quality with a smooth feeling to it inside and out. The look is decidedly retro, reminding us of the days of old, when tan men frolicked on beaches in their colorblocked briefs. James Tudor Armada hits the nostalgia aspect just right.

What we like: We love the classic and sophisticated styling of these James Tudor Armada briefs. They provide a snug fit and minimal pouch, which creates a respectable look in any environment. However, respect does not have to mean that you sacrifice your personal style. The look of these briefs is very on-trend and sure to impress everyone, from the guys in the locker room at the gym to your significant other and most importantly – you. High-quality materials all around make these swim briefs perhaps the smartest decision of your day.

When we’d wear them: When visiting the Four Seasons. On the deck of our yacht.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys looking for a traditional and classic style to take to the beach.

In three words: Simple. Clean. Firm.

James Tudor Armada
James Tudor Armada


For more information on this brand: James Tudor

Photo Credit: James Tudor

Product Supplied by James Tudor


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