Review: Easy Breezy Hardhaus Royal Blue/Gold Boxer Brief

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Item Reviewed: Hardhaus Royal Blue/Gold Boxer Brief

About the product: The Hardhaus Royal Blue/Gold Boxer Brief is made of 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal, and 5% elastane, a combination which is both soft and moisture-absorbent. They provide full coverage, sitting just below the waist and covering approximately ⅓ of the leg. The contoured pouch has bright orange stitching along its center and its sides and this stitching goes down both sides of the underwear. The stitching also goes across the underwear, dividing it almost in half with a bright gold bottom and a royal blue top. The white waistband contains the brand’s name and logo in orange across the front.

What we like: There are so many colors that this pair of underwear will no doubt bring some noise to anyone’s underwear collection. The fabric also makes them comfortable for everyday wear.

When we’d wear them: Lounging around the apartment. Dressing to impress at the grocery store.

Who we’d recommend them to: Someone looking to branch out from the traditional white, black, gray underwear.

In three words: Colorful. Loud. Smooth.


For more information on this brand: Hardhaus

Photo Credit: Hardhaus

Product Supplied by Hardhaus


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