Review: Surprise! It’s The Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer

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Item reviewed: Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer

About the product: The Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer is a low-rise, full coverage boxer with a novel snap pouch that attaches to the waistband with two branded snaps. When unsnapped, the contoured pouch flips down from the covered waistband, revealing a circular cutout that allows for easy access and exposure – depending on whether your intent is functional or recreational. The stretchy, silky fabric is 80% polyamid, 20% elastane but 100% comfortable, no matter where you are: the gym, at home, or at the office, this boxer will not chafe you, and stretches to fit your movements. The Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer has a small metallic tag with the Geronimo logo sewn to the left hip. Available in white (which is slightly sheer), red or black.

What we like: This Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer’s silky barely-there fabric feels delicious – but let’s get right to the fun, unconventional pouch. This intriguing design perfectly walks the line between sexy and useful. On the one hand, it’s a great design for a fly from a functional perspective. However, it also has obvious visual and sex appeal, as it allows you to go from fully-covered to full monty in a snap (or two snaps, technically speaking). It is an unexpected piece of equipment for your equipment – not to mention a fun surprise for your significant other. Plus, you should get bonus points for the more creative part of the underwear.

When we’d wear them: Out to the club. When your sweetheart could use a sexy surprise.

Who we’d recommend them to: This is a perfect boxer for the guy who keeps it classy, yet likes a little spice in his underwear drawer.

In three words: Silky. Fun. Revealing.

Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer
Geronimo 1353b2 Boxer


For more information on this brand: Geronimo

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