Review: aussieBum Palette Brief Goes Rustic Down Under

Item reviewed: aussieBum Palette Brief

About the product: The aussieBum Palette Brief is sturdy and rustic. The green color option is designed with a white trim, and the low-rise briefs are capped by a 1-inch green band. The waistband is mostly covered in large white, red, and yellow variations on the brand name. The aussieBum Palette Brief features a contoured, side-open fly, and is made from 90% pima cotton and 10% elastane.

What we like: The underwear’s construction will follow any adventurer to the ends of the earth. They embody that sexy logger look that is in right now, and bring a little of the Down Under to your down under. The design of the aussieBum Palette Brief also gives the wearer an aloof sex appeal.

When we’d wear them: When we are going to explore the great outdoors, or just want to feel like an adventurer.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys trying to cultivate the rustic vibe. Guys who want to appear laid back, but still be comfortable. Guys who like a sturdy pair of underwear, especially if their laundromat has a penchant for burning vestments.

In three words: Rustic. Logger. Down Under-wear.


For more information on this brand: aussieBum

Photo Credit: aussieBum

Product Supplied by aussieBum


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