New Ways To Get Naked, Coming 2015

Naked 2015 Collections

fabricEthically-made brand Naked has an affinity for the male nether regions. Their men’s underwear designs have converted many men to their sleek and sophisticated briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks. Running off this success, Naked has been revamping their website, redesigned their logo, and is set to create new collections for Fall 2015. Among the new ways to get Naked: a collection of loungewear and a women’s collection including sleepwear, loungewear, and intimate apparel, all housed under the name, “Naked 2015 Collections.”

Improving upon their already admired materials, the Naked 2015 Collections is updating their existing looks – and improving upon new ones – with even higher quality materials. The Naked 2015 Collections are sure to win over new fans this year, and stoke the fires of renewed passion for the brand with old ones. Heck, with a women’s collection in the Naked 2015 Collections, they have reached a whole new demographic.

Naked micromodal has received an Oekotech certification, a recognition “which stands for new ideas in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling.” Naked microfiber — which itself received a Blue Sign certification for environmental standards — is spun with distilled water from the Italian alps. And while this sounds impressive, the quality of the material, and its feeling against your skin, is what’s worthy of water cooler discussions. Form and function are stitched together elegantly, resulting in pairs of underwear that are simplistic, suave, safe for the environment, and perfect additions to the Naked 2015 Collections.

The new brand logo resembles this sophisticated marriage of form and function. It does more than get the job done and look good doing it. It also leaves you feeling…naked. Sorry, we had to.

Have you already been converted to going Naked under your clothes? When would you wear looks from Naked’s loungewear collection? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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