Chains And Biting In The CellBlock 13 Enforcer Video

CellBlock 13 Enforcer Video

Chains. Ear biting. A gas mask. More chains. All get their fair share of screen time in the CellBlock 13 Enforcer video. Mesh, on the other hand, gets more than its fair share. The CellBlock 13 Enforcer Video gets up close to pairs of underwear from the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection. It leaves the getting personal to the models. That’s when the ear nibble happens. But then we see chains and the gas mask. Maybe this is anything but personal?

The CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jockstrap is the pair designed with the old-school waistband. The elastic is 3 inches thick and gives the already-sporty underwear more athletic appeal. Other underwear styles from the collection have the same appeal breathing from their mesh. Form-fitting, and apparently stretchy enough to tug someone by, the cotton/polyester/spandex blend is even slightly transparent for added sexiness.

If the transparency of mesh isn’t enough eroticism for you, do what the models in the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Video do, and pair your CellBlock 13 Enforcer underwear with a harness. It’s a look no one can say “no” to – and why would they want to?

What rules and regulations you enforce while wearing the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection is up to you. And may we recommend watching the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Video while wearing the collection with that special someone? It will make playtime that much more interesting.

What is your favorite underwear style from the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Collection? Consider yourself a master of mesh? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: CellBlock 13

Video Credit: CellBlock 13

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