BaNG! 2015 Swim Briefs, Make Every Dive A Cannonball

BaNG! 2015 Swim Briefs

BaNG! Swim Briefs ($65-$75) are about as far from soft-spoken as possible. The swim briefs have a skimpy cut, and what fabric there is has a second skin fit. Each swim brief is made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane, a material with a four-way stretch that shapes to your body’s every curve. And for even more heat, each BaNG! swim brief sits low around the waist. It’s the perfect fit to take in the water, and one that may cause the water around you to boil.

There are currently four BaNG! swim briefs with wild patterns, and two sportier solid designs. The BaNG! Brief is the brand’s signature piece of swimwear, and its loudest. It’s the original BaNG! look, the first ever, the BaNG! of all BaNG!s. With a cartoonish, stylized graphic, the brief is vibrant and looks to make waves with its infectious energy.

The most reserved pair would have to be the Unity Brief. A solid and sleek black pair, the Unity Brief is accented only by small stripes on the right hip. It’s more detail than what’s found on the BaNG! Men In Red Brief—that one sizzles fiercely in red.

BaNG! Swim Briefs are available in sizes S – L.

Which BaNG! swim brief do you think has the most most outrageous style you could still pull off? Are swim briefs your swimwear style of choice? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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